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What is the Total Compensation Statement (TCS)?

The Total Compensation Statement (TCS) is an online statement that summarizes the total value of your compensation, including health and retirement plans, tuition and training programs, paid time off and other benefits.

Why would I use the Total Compensation Statement (TCS)?

You may find the TCS useful for several reasons:

Personalized Statement – The TCS is based on your year-to-date compensation and the benefits you currently use
Consolidated Program Overview – In addition to the benefits you currently use, the TCS also provides information on other programs, services and plans you may not be using, but may want to take advantage of in the future
One Convenient Location – You may visit various websites and peruse printed statements to find the value of your earnings, medical and life plans, retirement savings and other benefits, but it may take some time. The TCS aggregates all of these data points so you can see your personalized TCS in one convenient online destination.

How do I access my statement?

The statement is available to benefits-eligible employees who have been active with the university for at least 30 to 60 days.

How often is my statement updated?

The online TCS is updated quarterly.

Data Sources

How can I validate the data in my statement?

We’ve worked with various business units to aggregate data so you wouldN’t have to. To validate the data, use the information in the following table:

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The Earnings shown on your Total Compensation Statement, will generally be higher than your W-2 federal taxable earnings. That’s because any before-tax benefit contributions you made are subtracted out of your gross taxable earnings for the purpose of W-2 tax reporting. For example, your retirement plan contributions, medical/dental/vision premiums, and Health Savings account or Flexible Spending Account contributions are all made with before-tax dollars. Hence, they reduce your W-2 earnings.

Why is the company annual cost for medical or dental coverage higher than I anticipated?

If you recently experienced a life event and made a change in medical and life coverage this will affect the contribution amount.

Additional Information

How secure is the Total Compensation Statement?

Human Resources partners with other our offices and vendors to ensure that all data used in the online Total Compensation Statement for benefits-eligible employees are securely transmitted and stored.

Our vendor partner for the Total Compensation Statement, Joshua Communications, maintains this website and all associated data with technical, administrative, and physical safeguards designed to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, and improper disclosure. Joshua Communications has agreed to handle any data received in its performance of this service in accordance with industry standards.

It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain the confidentiality of your login and password, and you are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your computer/mobile device in accordance with company policies.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my statement?

For questions about your TCS, please call the HR Team at (999) 999-5555 or submit a request.

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