Will Preparation

The death of a family member can be a confusing and conflicting time. There are many tasks and decisions to make – all when emotions and stress are high, time limited and energy may be low. Planning in advance helps relieve these uncertainties for family members left behind and ensures that your wishes are known.

Difficult legal decisions JUST GOT A LITTLE EASIER.

Preparing a will is a critical step to protecting your family’s financial future. That’s why we offer will preparation services at no additional cost if you have a Cigna life, accident, disability, critical illness or accidental injury plan.

Not sure how to get started?

Don’t worry. Cigna’s Will Center is secure, easy to use and available to you and your spouse seven days a week, 365 days a year. Phone representatives are also available to assist you via a toll-free number.

Once you’re registered on the site, you can:

  • Follow an intuitive, interactive, question-and-answer process to create state-specific legal documents tailored to your needs
  • Create and maintain your personalized legal documents in an estate plan
  • Preview, edit, download and print your legal documents for execution
  • Access resources and tools to help with the funeral planning process


Visit CignaWillCenter.com to register and immediately start building your own personalized estate and funeral plan, including:

Last will and testament

Determine what’s to be done with your property when you die, and name the executor of your estate and a guardian for your minor children

Living will

Outline your wishes regarding the use of extraordinary life support or other life-sustaining medical treatment

Health care power of attorney

Allow someone to make medical decisions if you are unable

Financial power of attorney

Allow someone to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable

Medical authorization for minors

Empower medical personnel to treat your child if you are not present

Funeral planning resources

  • Informational guidebooks – in-depth, easy-tounderstand information to help you prepare your or a loved one’s end-of-life wishes
  • Personal information organizer tool – keep important personal data, account information, contacts, and end-of-life wishes all in one place