Paid Time Off (PTO)


Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual begins the pay period in which you were hired and may be used for time away from work for personal business, illness, injury, vacation, and holidays. You are eligible to use PTO hours when you have been employed for 90 days or more.

Employees of North Kansas City Hospital earn PTO for hours paid each pay period. The accrual rate is based on your Full or Part-Time status and completed years of service. If you are a Part-Time employees, your PTO is accrued on a pro-rated basis.


You must receive approval through department management PRIOR to taking time off. Check with your supervisor or designated timecard editor to confirm your department’s process for requesting PTO and, if approved, the process to enter it into the timekeeping system (API).


You may carry a balance of PTO hours from year to year, so you do not have to use up hours before the end of the calendar year. However, there is a maximum balance of PTO hours you may accrue. You will be notified by Human Resources when you are nearing the PTO maximum.


Quarterly each calendar year, you have the opportunity to sell back accrued, unused PTO hours at the rate of three-fourths of an hour for every one hour of PTO sold. Effective January, 2022, the PTO Sellback frequency will change to twice a  year with a maximum sellback of 80 hours per year. Contact Human Resources for details on this benefit.


PTO hours can be voluntarily and confidentially shared with another employee who has depleted their PTO and Medical Leave, or Short-Term Disability balance as related to an approved Leave of Absence. PTO may be shared directly with another employee or to the general PTO Donation Bank. Contact Human Resources for details on this benefit.