Professional Advancement Program


A full time or regular part-time employee, in good standing (no discipline within the last six (6) months), pursuing education in the fields of study listed below who has completed six months of employment may apply for the Professional Advancement Program.


  • Nursing (BSN or RN to BSN)
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology (all modalities)


If approved for the Professional Advancement Program, a maximum of three calendar years’ support can be paid. If the degree is not completed within three years, the employee may continue degree attainment through the Hospital’s Educational Assistance Reimbursement benefit. If the participant fails to complete the professional degree within one year of stated graduation date, the participant will be required to repay all funds paid up through the Professional Advancement Program to the date progress in the degree program ceases.

Benefit may be paid directly to the employee or to the educational institution for tuition only. Books and other fees may be eligible for payment through the Educational Assistance Reimbursement Program.

An employee will be eligible for reimbursement based on scheduled hours up to the maximum amount listed below. In exchange for participation in the Professional Advancement Program, the employee agrees to work for North Kansas City Hospital for a one-year period for each calendar year of financial assistance in the profession obtained while receiving the Professional Advancement Program, and for the hours designated according to the amount of funding provided per the table below. This agreement does not create or imply a contract of employment between NKCH and the participant. Participants are subject to all applicable NKCH policies and procedures notwithstanding this agreement.

# hrs employee regularly scheduled per pay period during school

Assistance available per Calendar year

# hrs per pay period regularly scheduled for work commitment per calendar year funded

65-80$4,000 1872
49-64$3,000 1404
40-48$2,000 936
25-39$1,000 468


  1. Complete the Professional Advancement Program application (available on Intranet at HR Forms).
  2. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the following individuals: co-worker, Director/Supervisor, and a person of your choice (excluding family members).
  3. Provide a letter of acceptance, or its equivalent, into an accredited program.
  4. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and applicants will be notified.
  5. Participation in the program may be limited each year.