Death & Survivorship

You can add, change or remove benefit coverage outside of annual enrollment if these qualifying life events occur to you:

    • Deceased spouse
    • Deceased children

How To Make Changes To Your Benefits

  1. Review the benefits you can change. To see the details of the benefits,click on the benefit below
  2. Review the supporting documents required below
  3. Download and fill out Enrollment Form
  4. Bring supporting documents and completed enrollment form to Human Resources
  5. All forms must be received within 30 days of the date of the event and will take affect the 1st of the month following the event.

Supporting Documents

When making mid year benefit changes due to a death of a spouse or child you are required to submit supporting documents to Human Resources prior to approval.

Examples of supporting documentation and actions (not all inclusive)


Supporting Documentation Needed

Add dependents to our plansDeath Certificate
Removespouse, or dependents from our plansDeath Certificate