In the event of the death of an immediate family member, the hospital provides up to 24 hours off work without loss of pay.

Bereavement-Funeral leave is only to cover shifts that have been previously scheduled.  Therefore, if you are an 8 hour shift employee this may be up to 3 scheduled work days; If you are a 10 hour shift employee this may be up to 2.4 scheduled work days. If you are a 12 hour shift employee, this may be up to 2 scheduled work days.

“An Immediate Family member” is defined as:

  • spouse
  • child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law; stepchild
  • grandchild
  • grandparent; grandparent-in-law; step-grandparent
  • parent, parent-in-law, stepparent
  • brother, brother-in-law; stepbrother
  • sister, sister-in-law; and stepsister
  • any dependent residing in your household

Any additional time off can be taken as PTO with approval from your director.


  1. An employee must obtain approval from the department director before the leave begins.
  1. To be paid for bereavement-funeral leave, the employees should access the appropriate staffing software program for their department (API Scheduling or the Time Call System). When asked to enter a pay code in the Time Call System, the employee should enter “69” for bereavement time.
  2. If necessary, the designated Time Card or Scheduling Supervisor can manually enter the number of hours that the employee is to be paid for bereavement-funeral time.