Wellness is a journey, not a destination!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to all of us. Taking small steps can lead to big changes and we want to support you on your wellness journey. Each month, you’ll find fun wellness challenges, biometric screenings and labs, health coaching and more here in the Wellness section of the NKCH Resource Center. Be sure and check them out.

Employee Wellness Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


How do I register for the new Employee Wellness portal? – Go to the Intranet, Human Resources, Benefits Resource Center and click on the WELLNESS tab. There you will find the link to the portal (nkchwellness.nkchwellness.com), registration help and a “Getting Started” video.

What is my username when I register and sign into the portal? – The username is your employee email address for both, you can NOT change your username to another email address.

What password do I use for my login? – You will create a password that only you will know to access the portal.

What is the app called for the Employee Wellness program? – WellRight, go to your app store and download the free app, compatible on Android and iPhone devices. Use your employee email and password you created when registering for portal.

What if I don’t have the hospital insurance? Can I still earn the incentive? – Currently, if you do not carry the hospital insurance you do not qualify for incentive. However, you have access to the portal, classes, programs, challenge, assessment and labs.

Can my spouse participate in the program? – Currently, the Employee Wellness program is only available to employees.


How long do I have to earn points? – November 30th is the program deadline.

What is the point to incentive (money) ratio? – 10 points = $1.00

How much is the incentive payout worth? – You have the option to earn up to 5,000 points totaling a maximum payout of $500.00 (taxable) in paycheck bonus. See NKCH 2021 Wellness Program on WellRight for more details.

When can I cash out my points? – Once you have completed the BASELINE REQUIREMENTS + 500 additional points, you are eligible for your cash bonus. Employees will not need to “cash out” points as reports will be run every two weeks for payout purposes.

Can I determine when I receive my payout? – No, reports are run every two weeks for payout purposes. If employees have completed baseline requirements and reached at least the bronze level, payouts will proceed with each level milestone

How do I know how many points each challenge is worth? – Hover the mouse over the challenge and click the “i”, the information button to learn how many points the challenge is worth. CLICK HERE for the Wellness Program Point Breakdown.


Where do I find the description of each challenge? – Hover the mouse over the challenge and click the “i”, the information button to read what the challenge entails.

What are the BASELINE REQUIREMENTS? – Age Gauge (health risk appraisal), Measure Up (assessment with wellness staff & biometric lab screening), and Say Ahh (annual visit to your doctor)

Who completes the Measure Up (assessment & lab)? – The assessment needs to be completed by the Wellness staff at one of the many Assessment & Lab events. Once you do your assessment you will be given a LAB REQUISITION that must be used at the Main lab or Pavilion Lab on the NKCH campus.

If I get labs on my own not using the Employee Wellness Lab Requisition, will they count? – No, you must use the Employee Wellness Lab Requisition.

When will my results be uploaded to the Employee Wellness portal?

  1. Both the wellness assessment and lab portions of the Measure Up challenge must be completed for data to appear.
  2. Once labs have been completed,it takes about a week for both the assessment and labf iles to be merged and sent over to WellRight. From there it takes about 10-14 days for results to be reflected within the WellRight account.
  3. Results NOT showing? Contact support@wellright.comandleia.darden@nkch.org.

What are the Outcomes Challenges? Do I have the opportunity to improve them? – The outcomes challenges are based on healthy ranges, if you are within the healthy range, you will receive the points. If you are not within the healthy range, you will not receive the points. *There is no reassessment or redraw for the biometric lab screening.

My data is on the Employee Wellness portal but some of the Outcomes Challenges are not showing? – When the data is out of range for the healthy standard, no points will be rewarded. The challenge will remain as 0% in the completed section because no points can be rewarded.

Where do I find the form for my doctor to sign for the Say Ahh challenge? – CLICK HERE to download the form.

My doctor has signed my form for Say Ahh challenge (annual checkup) can I drop it off at Human Resources – All forms must be uploaded to the Well Right platform. Simply take a picture of the form and upload the form to the Say Ahh challenge. This can be done by submitting the form on the desktop or mobile version of the platform. Stop by HR if you need assistance.

Is the same form used for Say Ahh (annual physician visit) and Prevent It (prevention screenings) challenges? – There are 2 different forms, 1 for Say Ahh and 1 for Prevent It. Make sure to check the correct box to signify the visit. All screenings (dental, eye, mammogram, prostate exam, skin check etc.) need to be uploaded to the Prevent It challenge. The annual physician/ annual OB/GYN visit needs to be uploaded to the Say Ahh challenge. Complete the correct form for each screening/physician visit. Credit can only be given for 1 exam per form. For ex, there will be no credit given for both a dental exam and an eye exam on 1 Prevent-It submission.

How many days do I have to complete a personal challenge? – 30 days (* All personal challenges must be completed by 10/31)

Haven’t found the answer you are looking for? Check out Customer Support on the portal, or contact leia.darden@nkch.org.