2018 Benefit Information

What is Annual Enrollment?

Annual Enrollment is a period designated for all employees to update their benefit plans for the upcoming year.  During this time frame, you do not need to have a qualifying event (birth, marriage, change in status, etc.) to make changes.

Don’t delay, you have 15 days to enroll in benefits for 2018.

No change to our benefit partners

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield-3rd party administrator processes health insurance claims
  • MedTrakRx-Pharmacy Benefit Manager
  • Guardian-Dental & Vision
  • Taben Group-Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Reliance Standard-Life Insurance, Long-term Disability, and Short-term Disability
  • Allstate-Critical Illness
  • Transamerica-Universal Life

We continue to offer employees the choice of two Health plans – Traditional and High Deductible

  • Health Plan members experience lowest out of pocket costs when they utilize North Kansas City Hospital (including the Outpatient Pharmacy) and Meritas providers
  • In order to enroll in the Traditional Health Plan employees must complete Health Risk Assessment (HRA) by November 10, 2017

What benefits can I enroll in or make changes to?

You can update or enroll in your health, dental, vision, medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts.

Critical Illness (provided by Allstate Insurance) – Critical Illness insurance protects your family and your assets. No one saves to get sick, which is why getting diagnosed with a covered condition can be especially draining, both emotionally and financially. The policy provides you with a lump-sum cash benefit in the event you or a covered loved one is diagnosed with a condition such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. It can help provide financial protection so you can focus on what’s really important – getting better.

Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care Benefits (Provided by TransAmerica Life)  – Universal life insurance provides permanent, flexible protections which allows you to choose the amount of coverage that best fits your needs. The policy can also build cash value on a tax-deferred basis. The policy’s living benefits provide financial support and resources to cover the cost of long term care you might need as a result of an accident, illness, or aging.

You will have the opportunity to meet with benefit counselors to enroll in Universal Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.

If I don’t want to make changes to my plan, do I need to do anything?

YES!  Every employee needs to review their benefits annually.  If you participate in the Flex program, you must select your annual amount during this time.  If you do not review your benefits, you could miss coverage for an entire year for you or your dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts

There are 2 types of Flexible Spending Accounts.

  • Health FSA is an account for you and any dependents to use for out of pocket medical, dental and vision expenses.
  • Dependent Care Flex is for daycare and day camps for dependents under the age of 13 years old.

Health Risk Assessment

You must complete the Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) to participate in the Traditional Health Plan.

If the HRA is not completed by November 6th when Annual Enrollment ends, participants will be automatically enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan.

Allstate Open Enrollment Approval

Critical IllnessGuarantee Issue offered again this year during Open Enrollment

  • GI will be approved up to $30,000 for all employees, including late entrants

TransAmerica Open Enrollment Approval –UL with LTC

New hires (hired after last year’s OE, so newly eligible):

  • Employees can enroll up to $150,000 Guaranteed Issue
    Spouses can enroll up to $15,000 Guaranteed Issue as long as employees enroll in the coverage first

Existing employees with coverage:

  • Employees can increase their coverage $10,000 as long as it doesn’t exceed the $150,000 Guaranteed Issue maximum
  • As long as employees enrolled in coverage first, their spouse can enroll at $15,000 Guaranteed Issue (if they did not enroll last year)

Late entrants (had the opportunity, but did not enroll during last OE):

  • Employees can enroll up to $25,000 GI
  • Spouses can enroll up to $15,000 Guaranteed Issue as long as employees enroll in the coverage first (if they did not enroll last year)

Child –Standalone $25,000 Universal Life policies OR the $10,000 or $20,000 Child Term Rider are available at Guarantee Issue. An employee can elect one or the other option for their Child(ren) but not both

Guardian Open Enrollment Approval –Dental/Vision

  • Employees can move between the Dental and Vision plans during this time
  • Employees can elect the Vision or Dental even if previously waived during the open enrollment

Reliance Open Enrollment Guidelines –Voluntary STD, Voluntary LTD, Supplemental Life

If employees are keeping these coverages in place, nothing needs to be done. No need to re-elect